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Tory Element

Writer-Reader-Runner (WRsquared)

Tory Element is not a New York Times, USA Today, or a top 100 Amazon bestselling author. Not yet. Tory is an author of fun science-fiction-action-adventure-PG-all story teller.

His debut novel, Crash Course, will be published hopefully no later than early January 2019, optimistically to critical acclaim, bestseller bragging rights, and offers for TV or movie options. He currently has three work-in-progress sequel novels as well as a recently launched short story series, Home for the Holidays, in which a trio of teens find adventure on a space station orbiting Earth in the near future. His books can be read for free (unless you want to make a donation) and found on all the usual devices, and perhaps one day in modified tree form as well as audio for the multi-tasker.

When Tory isn’t cooking, lifting weights, running, cycling, rowing, swimming, hiking, or backpacking, he is writing in between naps and trying to figure out this whole marketing bid-ness, or is it bizness?

Anyway, to learn more, you have permission to visit and sign up for his unnamed newsletter/email list, which no doubt will feature Tory’s totally biased opinion on things sci-fi and a multitude of isms unique to Tory. On the other hand, to learn nothing more, for goodness sake, don’t visit or sign up.

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