What does the year 2019 have in common with the 25th century? Nothing, at least, not until Jemma Sean, an agent from the future, crash lands in the Canadian Rockies, intruding on Troy Sweeney’s scouting trip.

Sent to investigate a mysterious series of agents gone missing in the line of duty, Jemma, who is specifically recruited for this mission, time-trips back to the 21st century and is immediately attacked upon arrival—sabotage and attempted assassination.

Troy rescues her after enduring back-to-back near-death events. He reluctantly agrees to help the coyly exotic Jemma complete her mission. In their search, they leave a trail of trouble, and Jemma soon learns her best friend, Fan Gogh, is the rogue agent she is seeking.

But mysterious forces converge and conspire to stop them before they even get started: legendary creatures, alien tech, genetically modified humans, and a goon squad of bodyguards—the odds are stacked and mounting against Jemma and Troy. As the investigation unravels, twists and turns pile up, and soon nobody is certain whose side Jemma is on, including Jemma herself.

Troy enlists best friends Nathon, a search and rescue specialist in the Royal Canadian Air Force, and Kristin So, partner in his struggling guided backpacking business, to help him fend off Fan’s body guard goons, recover from numerous crashes, and sort out conflicting motives while trying to remain sane and save the future, even if he doesn’t yet know exactly why or from who. Separated by deception and distance, Troy is forced to choose between saving his partners and chasing after agents from the future.