Tory Element


Hello, I'm Tory Element, which is my author pen name, it rather rolls off your tongue, yes? I'm a new author, just starting out and You're invited to come along.

Tory, um that is, I am a decent chap from the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America, the USA. I write  fun with equal parts sci-fi and action/adventure.

Raised on a cattle ranch, I grew up with hard-working parents, two sisters, a wolf-looking German Shepard, and assorted farm animals and ranch crops with the mountains of eastern Oregon for my back yard.

As an adult, I served a couple of years in the U.S. Air Force from 1987 thru 2009. During my tours of duty, I was fortunate enough to serve my country, travel the world, meet lots of interesting people, and best of all, sample the food from many cultures.

In post-service and semi-retired life, I focus on fitness and writing, which as it turns out, closely influence each other. Be sure to read my blog for further insight into my story, my writing journey, and, soon, my books.

 Photo by my friend Tom Sullivant. As of March 2018, this photo (Spokane) has more than 8000 views on Google maps.

Photo by my friend Tom Sullivant. As of March 2018, this photo (Spokane) has more than 8000 views on Google maps.

Ancient Future

TAG LINE: where history haunts futures.

Located on Earth, Mars, and the space in between, the Ancient Future series is a treasure of fine reading from the half-century old mind of author Tory Element.

"Preserving imagination through fiction, improved vocabulary through adventure, and enlightenment through character."

Or so I like to believe. My characters traverse some of the Earth's greatest landscapes, the backdrop for my stories. The mountains of western North America. The high deserts of the Eastern Hemisphere. Mother Nature at 28,000 feet. Urban jungles at ground zero. Even the vast vacuum between the Earth and Mars. I explore these areas, dragging my heroes from their familiar comfort zones to the ends of their resolves, win or lose, live or die. Rediscover you enjoy adventure.

PHOTOS are by tom sullivant and reflect the inspiration for book one in the Ancient Future series, Crash Course coming January 2019.

The Hero...

Troy Sweeney, Ex-military. Wannabe entrepreneur. Backpacking guide. This photo will not be the cover but is a depiction of the main character. Click the image for the CRASH COURSE briefing.

the near future

Coming soon... (January 2019) CRASH COURSE, book #1 in my Ancient Future series. there will be three more in the series, also to be release in 2019 (I hope).

Please chime in with your thoughts -- rapid release or evenly distributed??

send me a quick email

Personally, I prefer some time between episodes or sequels. I love the build-up, the anticipation and speculation leading up to the next book.

Speaking of the next book(s). The Ancient Future series kicks off with Crash Course and continues with AGRiS, Mahjiq City, and finally Globemaster. Get ready for fun.

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You're invited to be part of my beta-advance-patreon-cool_people-team.

Authors need beta readers. a group of good folks who like to read the genre we write in and have a good eye for the nit-picky details. Details like spelling errors, grammar and mechanical errors, and plot holes, including character traits that get mixed up.

If you are one of these and you'd like to help, please submit your name for consideration. The chosen will receive draft chapters or copies of my books and short stories in order to fix mistakes (because you know, I'm not quite perfect) prior to publishing. I just detest spelling mistakes, especially. The turn-around will be two weeks and you will always have the option to skip a request, but if you accept then it's important to read it thru and jot down anything you see as questionable or as a mistake and return it within the two weeks. And don't be tellin folks how it ends.

Authors also like to make a little money for their efforts and one way is to rack up some reviews to have ready for launch day. This is accomplished thru ARCs, or advanced reader copies.

ARCs receive a free copy of the finished product and in return I ask for you to post a review in time for launch day. A review is not required but it is very much appreciated. If you're a fast reader and would like to be on my ARC team, then please send in your request. I plan to send out advanced copies about 7-10 days prior to launch.


Since this is my first time attempting to write and publish a book, I still have a day job and I have a limited budget. This is where you come in. Patreon is a way for you to support and help fund a project (or author) in the beginning to cover the costs involved in self-publishing a book. And there are many costs involved, believe me.

Costs include editing, cover design, marketing, advertising, and training and education courses for the marketing and advertising. These costs can easily reach into the thousands to do it properly and professionally. And of course I want to deliver as professional a product as I can because you deserve a good run read and imaginative experience.

So, if you are so inclined, please consider backing me with a small donation. As a patreon supporter, you'll automatically receive free short stories, teaser chapters, and a free copy of my books if you wish to. You also have my sincere thanks for your support.

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